Lead status' overview

Once you have redeemed leads from an audience search they will be added to your Leads tab and assigned a status.

Your leads status' will dynamically adjust as a lead gets set-up to receive their first email in your sequence until they either respond or they reach the end of your email sequence. 

What happens when a lead responds?

When a lead responds to one of your emails our system analyzes the response and automatically assigns the appropriate lead status. For example: if a lead responds and they would like more information, our system will automatically mark this lead as Stopped - Positive Reply. Any lead that responds will move into a Stopped state and no further from Growlabs emails will be sent to that particular lead.

Pro-tip: by default, if a lead positively responds to an email all other leads you are engaging from that same company will move to Stopped - Company Engaged. If you'd like to continue engaging the other leads at the company, you can adjust this rule from your Rules section in your Engage tab.

Below is a list of all the lead status' and their definitions.


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