When locating leads, you can start by running an audience search that contains both contact and company filters or you can start by generating a list of companies. This article will walk you through how to generate a list of companies using company specific audience search filters.

Note: Once you have generated a list of companies- you can then use this list to locate specific leads at those companies. 

Step 1: Sign into your Growlabs account, go to your Lead Gen tab and toggle to the Find Accounts section. 

Step 2: Click on New Account List, title your account list something specific and start adding in the audience search filters. Here is an article that can walk you through the definitions of each audience search filter. 

Step 3: You can then start to review your generated companies and save the ones you like to a list. 

Step 4: Once you have a list of saved companies, you can create a new audience search and use this list to find specific leads at these companies. 

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