The breakup email is your last attempt at getting your prospect's attention. If you do not receive a response from this email, it's safe to assume that this prospect is currently not interested and it is time for you to leave them be. BUT this last email may be that last little push to get the response you've been longing for. You'll never know until you try!

A great breakup emails should include: 

  • Acknowledgment that you've sent previous emails 
  • Brief body
  • Call to action
  • A dash of humor 

What you should avoid in your breakup email: 

  • Language that implies that your upset, disappointed or annoyed with the lack of response

The following templates were created to provide a structure and ideas for creating your very own breakup email. 

As always, we highly suggest you craft your own messaging that will truly resonate with your prospects. Check out Growlab's Outbound Sales Email Guide for tips and tricks on how to craft a compelling outbound sales email. 

Template #1 

Template #2

Template #3

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