Your Growlabs dashboard is a high-level overview of your Growlabs account. From here, you’ll be able to view what onboarding steps still need to be completed, the status of your team members and sequences, and an overview of your engagement data.

Account - Basic Information and Email Domain 

Before Growlabs can begin sending emails from your company’s domain you’ll need to verify your ownership of the domain and grant us permission. This will ensure that emails are successfully delivered to your audience's inboxes.

Account- Sync CRM & Blacklists

Although syncing your CRM and/or uploading a blacklist is not mandatory before launching a sequence it is a great way ensure Growlabs does not duplicate your lead generation or outreach efforts. 


Create your team by adding sales reps to your Team tab. You will have the flexibility to add, remove and edit your sales reps at any time.

Lead Gen

From your Lead Gen tab you'll be able to create audiences. An audience is a group of leads that match your ideal customer profile that you’d like to target. You can create as many targeted audiences as you'd like. We suggest creating multiple small and targeted audiences so that you can send customized sequences to each. 


From your Engage tab, you'll be able to create sequences. A sequence is a series of emails created for a specific project or audience.

You are able to either connect existing email templates you've created on Growlabs to your sequence or create new email templates straight from the sequence section.


Tasks indicate when a manual sequence steps are due. Tasks help you and your team stay on track - engaging with the right leads, in the right way, at the right time. 


From the Lead tab you’ll be able to view all leads that you've redeemed, which leads are being engaged, which leads have responded and which leads are scheduled to be contacted. You are also able to filter down your Leads table to only include a specific subset you’d like to analyze.

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