As a sales rep, what should you expect from Growlabs? 

Growlabs is here to help you automate your outreach by reaching and nurturing key decision makers with our scalable and personalized email automation. 

Smart email scheduling. Emails are scheduled based on multiple variables including engagement data, buying signals, conversion patterns, etc.

Automated cold emails. Sales outreach emails are automatically sent to qualified leads on your behalf.

Triggered follow-ups. We programmatically follow up with leads based on opens, clicks, & replies, and nurture them into sales-ready leads. 

Account-based strategy. We target multiple key decision makers at each account in a strategic cadence. 

Time zone detection. Emails are sent to leads at the optimal time of day no matter where there are based.

CRM integration. We sync lead activity data to your Salesforce account and provide custom campaign reports.

Getting Set-Up 

Once your account owner has added you as a sales rep you will receive an email from [email protected] to verify your work email address. Once you have verified your work email address you will be added as an active rep to your companies’ Growlabs account meaning you can be assigned to generated leads and emails can sent on your behalf.

Note: as a sales reps you will be automatically added as an admin to your Growlabs account and asked to create a password. 

The number of leads that will be engaged on your behalf per day is configured by your account holder. When you have been assigned to a list of generated leads that belongs to a sequence, emails will begin to be sent on your behalf. Emails that get sent from Growlabs to your leads will look and feel like they were sent manually by you, the sales rep. 

Only positive replies will be sent directly to your inbox so you can prioritize conversations and close more deals. Uninterested responses will be filed away into a Growlabs folder that gets automatically created when you verify your work email address. When leads aren’t sales ready [i.e. OOO responses] our software automatically schedules follow-ups to catch them when they are. 

If you notice emails that stay in your inbox that should be filed into the Growlabs folder or vice versa please contact your Customer Success Manager. 


Have Questions, Comments, Concerns? 

Feel like you are being passed unqualified leads? Have product feedback? Or just want to tell us how much you are loving the platform? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

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