How to Create an Email Template 

Step 1: Go to your Engage tab and select the Templates section.

Step 2: Push 'Create a Template'. Label your template something specific and identifiable to help keep your templates table organized. 

Note: You can also create an email template from your Sequence section. Go here for further instructions. 

Step 3: Fill in your subject line and template content. You are able to copy and paste from an existing document or fill it out from scratch. All formatting will be stripped if you copy and paste your content into the template box.

Pro-tip: Insert merge tags into your template to make your template customized for each recipient. To learn more about merge tabs, go here.  

Pro-tip: For outbound sales email tips, tricks and templates go here

Step 4: Once you've saved your email template, you will be brought to your Template table where you can preview your template and send yourself a test email. We highly recommend sending yourself a test email prior to sending them out to your leads to ensure all your formatting is correct. 

From your Templates table, you are also to clone or delete existing templates. Note: you are not able to delete a template if it is being used in a sequence. You must first remove the template from the sequence and then delete it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I edit or delete a template midway through a sequence?
If you edit a template midway through a sequence, your leads will receive these changes moving forward as long as they have not reached that point of the sequence yet. 

In order for you to delete a template, you will need to remove it from any sequence it has been added to. Once this template does not belong to a sequence, you will be able to delete it from your templates table. 

Why do we not allow attachments/alternative to attachments?
Our system does not allow for attachments to reduce the number of emails getting caught in spam folders. 

We recommend hosting attachments online and hyperlinking to your online hosted material in your template. 

How do I add an unsubscribe button or link to my emails?
An unsubscribe link is automatically added to the bottom of every Growlabs email.

Can I insert images into my templates?
You can insert images and tables into your email copy. 

Pro-tip: Lengthy emails, with too many images/ hyperlinks, is one of the leading cause for emails to get stuck in spams filters. Here is an article by the Huffington Post that can go into more detail. 

Can I add HTML to these emails / templates?
No. Marketing HTML emails come across as a one-to-many message… the recipient knows it’s not a hand written email from one specific person, and that the same email went to many other individuals, and the goal is not for the recipient to reply directly to that email. These types of marketing emails are typically for contacts that have already engaged with your business in some way, and often the goal is for them to click a button or just stay familiar with your brand.

Sales emails, which is what our system is designed for, come across as 1-to-1 emails, even thought they are automated and sent to many. The main reason to use this email method would be to efficiently reach out to many brand new leads you’ve never engaged with before, in a personalized and human way. When a lead receives one of these emails in their inbox, it comes across as written directly to them from a real person who is hoping to hear back & start a conversation. It’s plain text so that it comes across as genuine, and personally typed to the individual.

There is a lot of value in using both email strategies. One is well designed for marketing and retention, and Growlabs is designed for cold outreach to get new contacts and customers.

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