What is an A/B Test?

An A/B test is the easiest way to test your messaging and optimize your email sequences to produce better results on future campaigns to similar audiences.

A/B testing is a method to validate that any change to an email in your sequence is improving your open rate or reply rate before you send that sequence out to a larger group of leads.

How to A/B Test Email Sequences in Growlabs 

Step 1: Create two unique email sequences in your Growlabs account. Depending on what you'd like to A/B test you may want to change parts of your email body ex. client examples used, different call to actions etc. or you may just want to adjust your subject lines. 

Go to your Lead Gen tab, run an audience search and push Get Leads at the bottom of  your search. 

When asked "Do you want to add these leads to an existing email sequence?" at the bottom of the confirmation modal select "Yes, I’d like to choose an email sequence for these leads now" and select one of the two email sequences you created. 

Step 3: Go back to the same audience search you just redeemed leads from, redeem the same number of leads and apply it to the second email sequence you created. 

Step 4: Make sure both of your sequences are toggled on in your Engage tab so your emails can begin to send out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to track the progress of both of my email sequences?
Both email sequences will be listed in your Reporting tab under the Sequence section. 

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