Connecting your CRM will allow us to sync email communications in real time.

Note: If you utilize Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Unlimited or Salesforce Professional with API add-on, go here for further instructions on how to sync your Growlabs account.
Unsure of your Salesforce Edition? Visit this helpful article for further instructions.

Note: Inserting your unique BCC address will not sync your existing accounts/lead data from your CRM to Growlabs. To ensure we do not duplicate your lead generation or engagement efforts, we highly recommend manually uploading a “Do not contact” list or a blacklist

How to Insert your CRM's Unique BCC Address

Step 1: Login into your Growlabs account, go to your Account section, and click the Sync CRM & Blacklists tab and select Connect CRM

Step 2: Once you've selected your CRM provider you will be prompted to either insert your company-wide unique BCC address 

or a rep specific unique BCC address.  

If your CRM creates a unique BCC address per user (rep) a field will be added to each of your reps’ pages in your Team tab where you can input their unique BCC address. Simply push edit reps & add BCC in the lower right-hand corner to be brought to your team's tab to start inserting the unique BCC address'. 

How to Locate your Unique BCC Address

Select your CRM from the list below for detailed instructions on how to locate your unique BCC address:

  1. Insightly
  2. Zoho
  3. Salesforce
  4. Pipedrive
  5. HubSpot 
  6. Freshsales
  7. amoCRM
  8. Base CRM
  9. PipelineDeals
  10. Nutshell
  11. Salesmate

Frequently Asked Questions 

My CRM is not listed above, what do I do?
We are constantly increasing the number of CRM's our system is compatible with. If your CRM is not listed above, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

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