Our Zapier integration gives you the power to automate workflows between Growlabs and other apps you use such as Slack, Google Sheets, TypeForm, Calendy, AdRoll, CRM systems, and many more.

This article will walk you through the steps needed to connect your Growlabs account to your HubSpot account. With this connection, you're able to easily push Growlabs data such as a lead's Job Title, LinkedIn URL, Company Size, Company Industry etc. to your CRM without having to manually upload a CSV! 

How to Connect your Growlabs Account to your HubSpot Account through Zapier

Step 1: Sign in to your Zapier account and click on "Make a Zap" in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: Select Growlabs as the first app. 

Step 3: If you want to push information once the lead has been redeemed select 'State Changed'. Alternatively, you can push information to your HubSpot account only once a lead positively responses or when they have opened one of your emails.

Step 4: When prompted - sign into your Growlabs account and push continue. 

Pro-tip: If you only want to push information when a specific state change happens ex. a lead moves to Ready or Scheduled, you can add a filter specifying what the leads status has to be before the data can be pushed to your HubSpot account.  

Step 5: Select your second app. For this example, we are using HubSpot CRM- but this integration will also work with any other CRMs listed in Zapier. 

Step 6: You're then provided a number of different options re: how you'd like to push information to HubSpot. For this example, we are going to create or update a contact. 

Step 7: Connect to your HubSpot account, test the connection and push save & continue. 

Step 8: Go through and map the appropriate HubSpot fields to the Growlabs Data. 

Once all of your desired fields have been mapped- push save and turn your Zap on🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zapier free to use?
Setting up a Zapier account is free but you are limited to which apps you can use and how many Zaps can happen per month. For more information on Zapier's pricing, visit their website at https://zapier.com/app/billing/plans

Will this sync over my email communication?
No, this will only sync over contact and company information. If you'd like to sync over email communication, you can setup a BCC sync between your Growlabs account and HubSpot. Here's an article that can walk you through how to set up the BCC sync. 

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