Orca is a platform that allows you to easily use Growlabs data to add and engage with contacts via LinkedIn.

Below are step by step instructions of how to create your first Orca campaign. 

Step 1: Go to useorca.com and download the app for free 

Pro-tip: You are given 200 leads free of charge. For additional pricing details, visit https://useorca.com/pricing.

Step 2: Connect your email to Orca and sign into your account 

Step 3: Once you are logged into your Orca account click on Create Campaign and then select Send LinkedIn URLs from Growlabs

Step 4: Begin building your campaign

Using Orca, you are able to pre-set: 

  1. A message that will send with your LinkedIn connection request 
  2. A message that will send when the LinkedIn contact accepts your request 
  3. Scheduled LinkedIn profile views 

Step 5: Name your campaign, make sure the correct audience source has been selected, review your campaign and push publish in the upper right-hand corner

What's Next? 

Once you have created your Growlabs account, Orca account and first Orca campaign you will need to insert your Orca API key into your Growlabs account and start pushing over your Growlabs data. Here is an article that can walk you through how to do so. 

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